Milex Sp. z o.o.

Milex Sp. z o.o.

MILEX Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością (limited liability company) was established on August 4, 1989.  MILEX was one of the first companies in Poland to base its activities on the principles of free market economy.

First successes of the company were in the branch of modern logistics, where the company was focusing on serving the emerging Polish "small business". Directly participating in realization of the cross border business activities (with partners from Germany and Scandinavia), MILEX was looking, at the same time, for directions of further growth.

In autumn 1990 a building materials store was opened, it operated for several years and enjoyed great interest. Its offer included wallpapers, paint in buckets, tools, packed screws, screws, and other accessories useful in construction and repair of houses, which were  at short supply on the Polish market at that time.

Further growth proceeded in subsequent years. On the basis of a separate analysis and forecasts of the domestic and European market, in the mid 1990s, MILEX started to distribute in Poland imported construction fittings as well as export to the European Union member states  services - mainly within the food industry.

Currently, the company`s activities in meat industry (processing) are continued in Germany where, in the largest meat plants, production lines are rented, on which activities in the field of slaughter and meat cutting are conducted on a large scale. These plants employ approx. five hundred people.

Also in the 1990s, benefiting from the growing demand for recycled plastics in Western Europe, MILEX opened in Szczecin a plant for recycling of plastics collected in northern Poland, which, after processing, are exported to Germany.

Following the principle of sustainable growth, in subsequent years the company started agricultural and breeding activities on land purchased from the Western Pomeranian Agricultural Property Agency of the State Treasury, and tourist activities, for the purpose of which it is modernizing a historical Palace in Trzęsacz. A modern curative-leisure facility will be created soon in this Palace, with the SPA offer and hippo therapy treatments, serving 1000 visitors at one time.

During the first years of the current century, MILEX began its environmentally-friendly activities, concentrating on importing modern recycling technologies to Poland. At present, the company has received from BCC an honorable EUROPEAN MEDAL for recovery of sand from sewage waste, conducted in its own in-house developed system.

At present, MILEX implements in Poland a modern technology allowing production of building materials – under the temporary name MX-1 and MX-2 - made of contaminated dredged material originating from deepened ports, rivers and anti-flood tanks. These materials – for which the Company has obtained approval of the Road and Bridge Research Institute as well as of the State Hygiene Institute – can be used for construction of flood banks, roads, and motorways.

Responsible business

MILEX, in pursuit of constant growth, has never forgotten about those in need, and thus for years of its operation it has often supported, among others:

1. Public benefit organizations:

  • Association for Helping Motorically Disabled Children and Youth "TĘCZA", *
  • Foundation for the Blind and Disabled People "Pomóż i Ty",
  • Polish Red Cross
  • Society of the Friends of Children,
  • Foundation for Assistance for Children from Grodziszyna.

 2. Institutions:

  • Children`s Home no. 2 in Szczecin
  • Local Sport Club "ŚWIT" in Skolwin,
  • Children`s Home in Binowo,
  • Independent Non-Public Hospital no. 1 PAM I clinic of sick children in Szczecin,
  • Public Kindergarten no. 3 "Pentliczek",
  • Municipal Sport Club "GRYF" Szczecin.


MILEX Sp. z o.o., ul. Wyszyńskiego 14, 70-201 Szczecin
Telefon: +48 91 488 12 83
E-mail: milex@milex.szczecin.pl
www: www.milex.szczecin.pl
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