Ochrona środowiska - oferta w zakresie ochrony środowiska Milex Szczecin

MILEX started its environmentally-friendly activity in 2003, implementing in Szczecin a modern technology of recovery of sand from sewage and sewerage waste on its own system MORESA 4.0. n.

The technology, based on the application of components separating hydrocyclone of the hydrated waste mixture, has f been applied also in recovery of sand from settling tanks, dirt brushed off the street, and from non-polluted dredged material from deepened ports, rivers, lakes, and anti-flood tanks.

Facing problems related to recovery and management of polluted dredged material from deepened bodies of water, the company implements currently in Poland a technology allowing production of building materials of such material, with working name MX-1 and MX-2, which can be used in construction of flood banks and roads.

For these materials, the company obtained an approval from the Land Melioration and Grassland Farming Institute, Research Institute of Roads and Bridges, and from the State Hygiene Institute.

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