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Our company started its agricultural activities in 2001, taking over the land from the Agricultural Property Agency. In the same year, 210 hectares of arable land were leased within geodetic precincts Drozdowo, Czaplin Mały, and Kusin, which in majority were bought in 2005 by the Company. Two years later, agricultural real estate with total area of 110 hectares was taken over, in the geodetic precinct of Gocławice, as a result of assignment. Purchase procedure of this real estate is currently underway.

Regardless of this fact, in the years 2002-2005 we bought ca. 50 hectares of arable land from the neighboring farmers. Presently, we manage  380 ha of grounds, including 330 ha of grounds in good agricultural condition.

Our specialization is production of cereals and rape which are intended for sale. Moreover, MILEX  produces hay and haylage for fodder for the horses in Trzęsacz and cattle in Bieczan. In addition, we have a plantation of spruce and fir covering the area of ca. 50 ha, sold as Christmas trees.

Under our agriculture activities, we have built three cereal warehouses that contain a total of 100 – 1200 tons of cereals, a mechanical workshop, and we have bought a lot of agricultural equipment- including agricultural tractors, ploughs, trailers, sprayers etc.

You are welcome to familiarize yourself with our offer within the scope of agriculture - links below will make it easy to quickly reach the key information.

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